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64% of recruiters have rejected an applicant after viewing their social media profile


A survey, undertaken by Oilandgaspeople.com, the world’s leading Oil and Gas jobs board, has shown that 82% of employers have looked up potential candidates on social media sites, while some 64% have rejected a job application after viewing a candidate’s social media profile.

The survey found that 88% of recruiters used LinkedIn for candidate recruitment, with 25% using Facebook, 8% using Twitter, and 33% preferring industry-based job boards. 77% of those interviews said the reason for recruiting via social media is that it gives them better access to more candidates, and 33% said it is the most cost-effective way to find candidates, with 41% saying it gave them better insight into whether candidates were suitable.

The survey highlighted Job boards and LinkedIn as the two most important tools to recruiters, with Facebook also making a contribution to a candidate’s profile.

Another notable highlight in the survey includes the fact that 63% of recruiters said that they considered social media as more effective than traditional print ads when advertising jobs.

SOURCE: hrreview.co.uk


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