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The rise of E-Commerce in the Middle East

The rise of E-Commerce in the Middle East All of a sudden it seems as though E-Commerce is spreading like a rash, and that’s because it is! Within the past decade, we have come a long way and within the Middle East, online shopping has evolved... more

Ad Re-targeting

Ad Re-Targeting....   growth hackers Ad retargeting is on the rise — those ads that stalk you across the internet after you’ve even briefly visited a company’s site. Google is even testing cross-platform... more

Are you ready to face the super-recruiters?

 It hasn’t been unusual these past few years to hear of people attending 20 interviews before getting a job. That’s a lot of grilling — probably two or three days in total — but these are straitened times and good jobs are... more

How to “Woo” a Recruiter and Land Your Dream Job

  Struggling to find your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? If I may make a suggestion: woo a recruiter. Stop scratching your head and let me explain. Work-related stress is a leading cause of relationship squabbles.... more

Twitter to launch e-commerce 'Buy' button

September 8, 2014, 9:12 AM Twitter dives into e-commerce  BY ZAK STAMBOR Managing Editor The social network announced today a test that lets retailers, including Burberry and Home Depot, add the Buy button to their tweets. Only... more
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